Late nights and sadness part 1


I am a nobody,
That not one would stop
For a kind word or action

And so I set out
To complete the good deeds
They left undone
And pay kindness
They would never pay me

It should make me happy
Seeing all these wonderful
Things happening and bringing

But it leaves me hollow
Because the more I do it
The more bitter I become
Because the world is cold
And everyday my realisation grows

I am more a nobody than yesterday

Little does she know,
She is everything

And every good deed,
She sets out to do,
Become small miracles,
And she becomes even more,

Its her beauty that keeps me up at night,
Thinking of her kindness, Love,
And caring,
And All things keeping me battling through life.

So I give everything I am,
To love her,
To fill the hollows,
And make her feel alive and special.

Because the world is broken,
And the world is hollow.
But its the people like her that bring hope to those with none.

Because little does she know,
She is everything
To a boy that had nothing,
but a crushed soul and broken dreams.